Watch out for these trends in web development in 2023

13 February 2023by ample

Watch out for these trends in web development in 2023


The code that instructs websites how to operate is written by web developers. In order for all but the simplest websites to function, both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) development are required. In order to ensure that their websites function as intended on any type of computer, mobile device, or other screen size, web developers implement visual designs and layouts, integrate graphics and content, optimise website performance and capacity, and test.


Web design, which entails creating the features and functionality of websites and apps, and web development go hand in hand. In fact, the term “web development” is frequently used in a broad sense that encompasses both the creation and programming of websites and apps, in addition to website design.


You’ll undoubtedly notice that websites’ appearance and features are constantly evolving. The first web page that introduced the World Wide Web in 1991 looks very different from a modern website today. By today’s standards, that had very basic HTML at an elementary level.


Top Web Development Trends for 2023:


  1. Developers must constantly expand their coding knowledge


A functional website used to only require knowledge of HTML, as you can see from the first website up top. Even the first image uploaded to the internet wasn’t visible until a year later. A few years later, in 1995, Netscape added JavaScript as a scripting language to Netscape Navigator, one of the most widely used web browsers at the time.


Web designers and developers have had to update their sites as bandwidth and technology have advanced. These include interactive navigation, animation, and full-screen video backgrounds—things that were previously impossible. Even now, some web and app developers opt to support augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In 2023 and beyond, as prices decline and processing power rises, this will only gain in popularity.


Core web development will stay the same despite the changes. Web development will continue to be centred around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  1. Dark Mode is Better for Your Eyes


Many web and app users find that using their devices in Dark Mode is much easier on their eyes and prefer to do so, at least at night. Users can toggle between “light” and “dark” modes on recent versions of Android and iOS by pressing a button. Additionally, they offer “Night Mode,” which automatically activates dark mode at a specific hour in the evening and turns it off in the morning. Additionally, a dark mode skin is now available for many popular websites and apps, including all the major social media platforms.


Dark mode is popular among users of mobile devices in particular because it saves battery life.


  1. The Popularity of Mobile-First Development Will Continue to Rise


As was already mentioned, many people now access and use the internet on their mobile devices. In fact, 59.4% of all web traffic in August 2022 came from mobile devices. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many web developers are now starting to build websites with the constraints of mobile devices in mind.


The need to focus on a vertical orientation rather than the more conventional horizontal screens used by computers, the need for meta viewport tags to help browsers with resizing websites, CSS queries to change things based on device capabilities, and using techniques like Flexbox to accommodate different screen sizes are some of the more recent trends in responsive web development that developers must keep in mind.


  1. To increase page speed, developers must continue to write code


People grow more impatient with slow-loading websites as websites become more sophisticated and as user bandwidth increases. Users quickly abandon websites that take too long to load because they expect instant gratification.According to studies, people expect websites to load in as little as two seconds, and they start to get impatient after three seconds. Google realised this a few years ago and began penalising slow-loading websites, especially in their mobile search engine, by including page speed as one of its ranking factors.


As 2023 approaches, some of the primary techniques used by web developers to improve page speed include image compression, condensing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, and using a content delivery network.


  1. Sections of websites look better with parallax scrolling


The use of parallax scrolling is becoming more widespread. Here, when a user scrolls down the page, the background content of a section of a website (often an image) scrolls at a different speed from the foreground content.


Unfortunately, the effect frequently doesn’t work on mobile screens, which puts it somewhat at odds with mobile-first development. However, using media queries in a site’s CSS, developers can disable the effect for mobile users.


  1. The popularity of voice search is rapidly growing


Particularly among Generation Z, voice search with Alexa and Siri is a favourite pastime. 22.5% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 use voice assistants on a weekly basis, according to the most recent GWI data published in the October 2022 We Are Social Report. Generation Alpha, who probably uses it even more than their older siblings and parents, isn’t even mentioned. It’s interesting to note that voice search is now used by 17.0% of males aged 55 to 64 and 16.3% of females in that age range, proving that it’s not just young people who don’t feel like typing.


Although almost any website will work for Siri and Alexa, web designers are making it simpler for them by optimising their sites for voice search.


  1. Using colour gradients adds interest


On the internet, colour schemes and pattern trends change just like in real life. Currently, gradients are more popular than plain, uninteresting flat colours. By experimenting with different looks, web designers are frequently coming up with eye-catching combinations by using colour gradients. Colors give your designs levity, originality, and personality.


  1. Glass Textures Capture More User Attention


Glass textures, also known as glassmorphism, give web designs depth and texture. When transparency and a blur effect are combined, pixels acquire the slightly opaque appearance of frosted glass. No one is intended to be deceived into believing they are viewing glass through glassmorphism. It merely evokes the sensation of it.

Since 2020, Apple has incorporated glass textures into its designs, and more recently, Windows 11. It is especially well-liked because interactive elements, including buttons, navigational choices, sliders, and other UI components, stand out when sharp lines are placed on top of a glassy blur.


  1. The popularity of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is growing


You’ll likely be accustomed to using platform-specific apps on your devices. They can be found on taskbars, docks, and home screens, and operate without a network connection. They begin as standalone applications that run independently of browsers or other applications (perhaps apart from your core operating systems). Even when you’re in another app, you can still take pictures, view the songs that are currently playing on your home screen, and manage song playback. They give the impression of being an essential component of your gadget.


However, conventional web applications typically feel further away. This is due to the fact that they typically depend on internet connectivity to operate, and their speed depends on your bandwidth.


  1. Intelligent AI chatbots are improving


Over the past few years, we have closely observed the growing popularity of chatbots, and it doesn’t appear that this popularity is waning among businesses in particular. They can, for starters, make it possible for you to offer customer service around the clock. Because they can streamline your customer service procedures, chatbots are no longer just a gimmick.


Furthermore, a lot of companies use chatbots on their websites to promote customer engagement. Chatbots can easily engage in complex conversations without the need for human intervention thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. This could give sales representatives more time for other things. Chatbots, for instance, can initiate conversations with potential clients, guiding them through the website content and ensuring they receive helpful one-on-one responses without businesses having to make staff constantly available to respond to online inquiries.


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