Top 10 Laravel Packages to keep an eye on for website design and development

13 December 2021by ample

Top 10 Laravel Packages to keep an eye on for website design and development

Online shopping is now a popular pastime! As a result, many eCommerce sites are sprouting up in the market, allowing visitors to locate anything instantly in the e-store. It’s no surprise that online purchasing brings more joy than traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

Initially, the goal of e-commerce was to get commodity things online as cheaply as possible.

Now, we’re entering a more interesting phase of eCommerce, when it’s all about selling emotional products – the things that people genuinely value,” said Jason Goldberg.

With huge corporations focusing more on consumer pleasure than ever before, the eCommerce business is expanding at an unprecedented rate worldwide.

According to Statista, eCommerce enterprises will increase at a 265 percent annual rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021.


Why should you use Laravel for eCommerce?


Laravel is a good choice for developing a business e-commerce solution. Laravel is a PHP framework that provides a solid base for building apps from the ground up. You can also create an eCommerce app for your company. You will need to engage an offshore Laravel developer to assist you in developing highly engaging apps for growing business growth.

LARAVEL Ecommerce is a complete solution that gives a customer all of the tools he or she needs to grow his or her business. LARAVEL Ecommerce is well-known for its easy navigation and scalability. So an e-commerce site can develop from a little organization to a large corporation, and the architecture can still withstand the rigors.

● LARAVEL is the most recent framework of the ones supported by PHP. And it is currently the fastest-growing as well as the most popular framework. There are numerous explanations for this.
● LARAVEL is simple to use, very adaptable and has a high level of clarity. It is a very strong framework that is also incredibly scalable.
● LARAVEL has been ascending amazing heights for some time now, thanks to features like secure authentication and an incredible customizable command structure. It also has a strong community to back it up.
● Therefore LARAVEL has become one of the most popular alternatives for an e-commerce platform. An e-commerce system is a collection of various subsystems. Each subsystem communicates with the others to build a unified whole.
● Because of LARAVEL’s success, a plethora of eCommerce solutions arose in a short period. However, except a few, not many survived over time. In this post, we will discuss the ones who survived.

Laravel is the ideal choice for constructing eCommerce sites due to the availability of Laravel eCommerce packages. Here are the top ten Laravel eCommerce packages for creating your online store.




Aimeos is a great Laravel eCommerce package. It’s a Laravel e-commerce package that works with Laravel 5 and 6 applications. The bundle includes adaptable and extensive features. Aimeos offers customizable themes, multilingual support, and an SEO-friendly shopping cart system.


The Benefits of Using Aimeos


● Using the Omnipay PHP library, the package supports over 100 payment gateways.
● It has a variety of channels, providers, and inventory capacities.
● When combined with a database and an optimization service, the package can deliver a web speed of up to 40ms.
● It is completely free.




AvoRed is a PHP-based open-source eCommerce software. AvoRed, known as the best Laravel SEO module, provides consumers with a mobile-friendly interface. This Laravel package allows you to focus on your business by building a category and attributes with management capabilities to maintain your orders, customer information, and inventory management.


The Benefits of Using AvoRed


● AvoRed monitors the order and handles the data on behalf of the client.
● There is a marketing module in the package that allows you to send a promotional email.
● Using AvoRed, you can quickly alter the Open Source Laravel Shopping Cart to meet your specific requirements.
● The platform allows you to construct product entities such as categories, attributes, and so on.




Bagisto is a stand-alone shop system program that has best-in-class capabilities. It is a free and open-source Laravel module with native right-to-left compatibility. This Laravel package has quickly gained popularity due to its excellent Laravel user management and multi-warehouse inventory management options.


Benefits of Using Bagisto


● Bagisto provides multi-currency, localization, access control level, multi-channel, and payment integration.
● This Laravel Package allows for simple installation with many channels and store goods.
● It also allows you to quickly access the administration portal.




Laraship is a multi-vendor Laravel e-commerce platform that allows retailers to promote their items through a single hub. It offers over ten payment gateways as well as a variety of layouts. One of the most powerful search engines is included in this Laravel package. Laraship, which is powered by Laravel 5.5, includes all of the characteristics of an online retail platform.


The Benefits of Using Laraship


● The eCommerce package aids in the sale of tangible goods, digital goods, and external affiliate goods.
● Laraship allows you to add products to your store and advertise it. The available demo content aids in the definition of the items that you provide.
● Laraship also offers intriguing fronted themes, so users don’t have to bother about design.




Shopist is in high demand right now! It is one of the top Laravel eCommerce packages available in the market. It is an extremely simple and strong framework for Laravel that provides outstanding capabilities that allow users to develop.


The Benefits of Using Shopist


● It has an effective multi-vendor system.
● Shopist includes a product design tool that allows users to create their own designs.
● Shopist also provides its users with the review, reporting, Google Recaptcha, and mobile SMS.




Vanilo is a popular PHP framework in the eCommerce business. Simply because of the package’s one-of-a-kind characteristics. It is a fully customizable Laravel e-commerce platform. Furthermore, the ease of use of Vanilo makes it even more popular for creating eCommerce sites.


The Benefits of Using Vanilo


● It also adds stability and testability to the equation.
● Vanilo provides both simplicity and extensibility.




RedminPortal is regarded as one of the top Laravel eCommerce solutions. RedminPortal is an amazing package for creating eCommerce websites since it allows you to update products, advertising, and many other things.


The Benefits of Using RedminPortal


● RedminPortal allows you to upload pay stubs and give your employees access to them at any time and from any location.
● This Laravel package can be used to schedule meetings.
● The eCommerce package includes a user interface for managing users and groups.




GetCandy is a popular e-commerce API package these days. This widely used eCommerce package includes a Rest API and an admin UI for managing products, orders, and users. Back-end is also used for the progressive web application.


Benefits of Using GetCandy


● Gandy is an e-commerce API and administration solution that assists in the management of products, orders, and users.
● It enables you to construct fantastic and engaging online stores in order to provide a better user experience.
● Users can access the full functionality of the store by using GetCandy.


Laravel Shopping Cart


LaravelShoppingcart is an easy-to-use Laravel e-commerce module. This LaravelShoppingcart has limited but fantastic features because it is easy and less complex. It can be utilized without any problems, which is why it is favored for constructing eCommerce sites. It can be integrated into existing Laravel 5 applications that have cart functionality included in them, which can be beneficial for developing an eCommerce app.


Benefits of Using LaravelShoppingcart


● Simpler and less complicated
● Simple to use
● It can be handled and managed without difficulty.




Mage2 is a Laravel e-commerce module that allows you to add many features to your business. Instead of a single installation, Mage2 allows you to download or add multiple snippets to the core code.


Benefits of Using Mage2


● You can choose and select the functionalities that you want in your e-store using Mage2.
● Mage2 allows for rapid and simple e-store customization.


Last Words


So, those are the top Laravel eCommerce packages you can employ to get more users interested in your project. All you need to do is employ a dedicated Laravel developer who will assist you in easily creating an online store utilising these Laravel eCommerce packages.

There are numerous applications available in the online business nowadays, and if you are not utilizing the finest ones for your organization, you may find yourself falling behind the competition. These Laravel eCommerce packages enable you to outperform your market competitors.


Using Laravel, you can create a fantastic e-commerce website!


Because Laravel is the heart, Our eCommerce website design and development agency, Ample eBusiness is here ready to construct it for you or optimize your existing one.


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