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Linux Hosting a type of web hosting where the server software (php, mysql, etc) is installed on open-source Linux operating system.

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Linux Hosting

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Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting a type of web hosting where the server software (php, mysql, etc) is installed on open-source Linux operating system. This income that the software and all the updates are free of charge. This is always handy, but it is not even the biggest advantage to Linux hosting. You will see below different reasons why Linux is the presently most used way to create websites online.

Benefits to using Linux

Linux is cheap to install. It is easy to set up, run, and manage. However if you are a Windows user, you will have to learn how to use the new platform. This is not difficult and there are various resources online to aid you. If you wish to continue using Windows and simply use a Linux hosting service, you do not need to learn a new operating system.

Price and popularity

Linux operating structure is just as popular as Windows. Linux is the most popular system for web hosting online regularly because it is “open source” software that is effortlessly obtainable and can be easily adapted to suit user and hosting needs. Linux allows for great software flexibility and is popular between large companies.


If you design a website in Linux, you will stumble upon fewer problems when uploading your site onto a website through a hosting server. This is because most hosting servers are already using Linux. However, this is not to say that if you upload a Windows website on a Linux web host, you will come across problems. Linux is more extensively used among large companies and web hosting, and Windows is more widely used by individual consumers.

Ease of access

It is just as easy to transfer files with Linux as it is with Windows, and both operating systems maintain a similar method for uploading files through FTP software when placing files on a web server.


Security is stronger with Linux, but it is widely argued that Windows, if administered well, is just as safe. There are a variety of effective options to help you make your PC and website more secure using Linux. Well-known Linux hosting servers have developed a fantastic reputation for provided that good security to their users.

High-performance hosting with SSL security

Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting for all your website needs

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