Trends in Website Design and Development for 2023

14 January 2023by ample

Trends in Website Design and Development for 2023


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We’ll cover every one of them on this page! Realize that Ample eBusiness is a premier web design firm that always operates with the future of web design in mind before you continue reading.

1. Page Speed

One web design trend that keeps showing up on top web design trend lists is page speed. People prefer quick interactions, and search engines like Google are now ranking websites for search engine optimization based on their page speed. Google measures how quickly page loads and becomes accessible to users using Core Web Vitals and page speed.

You can follow a few steps to increase page speed:

Image compression.
Condense the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code.
Utilize a content delivery network (CDN).

2. Accessibility

It’s important to have an accessible website so that everyone who visits it can use it, not just those who can pay a six-figure fine. Because of the type of business your company is, you want to create a website that anyone can use.

There are many requirements to meet in order to adhere to the standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. Because of this, most businesses spend money on ADA compliance services or tools.

3. Ease of use

Users no longer have the patience or the time to slog through a convoluted website with ambiguous navigation or pages that take forever to load because of heavy motion graphics. The future of web design is straightforward, and by that, we mean in all respects.

Look at Starbucks’ homepage for an illustration of an enterprise website design; there aren’t many frills and only a few colors. It’s a lovely, aesthetically pleasing panini and white chocolate mocha latte. This straightforward web design is working because it immediately makes me want to visit my neighborhood store for both of these items.

4. Illustrations

Of course, a happy hour photo of your team is a great way to add a unique touch to your website, but when we look ahead to web design trends for 2023, that silly photo might not cut it. Instead, many businesses have begun to include illustrations on their website pages. This not only gives your site pages a contemporary appearance but also makes them special.

Because your website doesn’t always display a staged photo of your employee beaming, users will remember it. When using an illustration, you can use your company’s colors and be as specific as you can to convey the exact vibe you want.

5. GIFs are used as graphics

The days of simply including a stock photo in your content are long gone; doing so will cause readers to lose interest before they even begin to read your pages. GIF integration into content is a significant web design trend for 2023.

They not only assist in keeping visitors on your pages longer and more engaged, but they also add a special design element that improves the user experience. An illustration of a GIF used within page content is provided below.

6. Animations

In addition to using animations in the form of GIFs in their content, more websites are also using animations on their home pages, in calls to action, and in other places. Take a look at how Adidas incorporates animation on its home page!

This animation loop draws users in and encourages them to stay, even if only for a few loops. Given that it’s easy to become engrossed in the animation and watch it repeatedly, this tactic is on the verge of genius.

What are the best ways to include animations on my website?

According to this 2023 web design trend, it’s a great idea to include animations if you want to give your website more life.

7. Voice enhancement

Voice shopping is anticipated to grow into a $40 billion industry by 2022. For voice searches, more businesses now design their websites, and this trend will continue in 2023. If you want to appear high in search results, you must make your website’s content search-friendly.

Excellent search engine rankings help you attract more targeted traffic to your website, as you probably already know. If your website doesn’t rank well, you probably won’t get a lot of visitors, and your beautifully designed website will be for nothing.

8. Mobile compatibility

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your top priority for your 2023 website design should be a mobile-responsive website design. You can guarantee that visitors who browse your website on a smartphone or tablet have the same experience as they would on a desktop when you have a mobile-responsive website design.

Especially since the July 2019 launch of Google’s mobile-first index, mobile responsiveness is a crucial web design trend for 2023. Mobile responsiveness will be even more important in your 2022 web design due to the concept of “mobile-first indexing,” which states that Google will look at a website’s mobile version by default rather than the desktop version.

9. Artificial intelligence

With good reason, artificial intelligence, or AI, is encroaching on every facet of marketing, including web design trends.

You can use data to meet customer needs when you integrate AI into your website. For instance, numerous websites incorporate chatbots that respond using artificial intelligence. Chatbots not only help businesses by freeing up resources for other tasks, but they also assist customers by responding to questions right away.

10. Minimalism

Many businesses believe that more is always better. However, the truth of the matter is that less is more in this instance. The best way to advertise your company to potential customers is with a simple design. This makes sure that you only give your audience the most crucial information.

It’s easy to go into great depth and detail in your content, but you risk boring your audience. Keeping your design and information simple is the best course of action. Make sure all of your information is clear and distributed evenly to avoid giving the impression that your site is crowded.


The time is now to start thinking about 2023 web design if you haven’t already. Web design trends for 2023 have already begun to show up, so it’s imperative to pay attention if you want to stay current and engage site visitors.

But what does web design hold for the future? Will there be any changes to the way websites are designed? Some specific 2023 web design trends are worth your attention, though not all of them.

We continuously stay on the cutting edge of marketing and design, and we can help you update your current website or build a brand-new website that generates revenue.


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