Upcoming web design trends that you should be aware of

11 February 2023by ample

Upcoming web design trends that you should be aware of


A strong web design can help your business succeed and distinguish your brand. A Top Design Firms survey found that 50% of users think a website’s design is important to an organization’s overall brand. As a result, companies should give website design top priority in order to satisfy customer expectations and develop their brand identity. Your website serves as the public face of your company, so it’s critical that it be updated frequently in accordance with modern web design trends.


People adore trendy items in today’s world of innovation, whether they are related to food, clothing, or web design. Every web developer puts their heart and soul into creating a web page. You must conduct research on the most recent web design trends and incorporate them if you want that effort to yield the best results.


We did some research on this and have put together a list of the newest web design trends that you should consider when choosing the look and feel of your website in 2023.


  1. Natural Structures


They are the most recent web design trends that web designers and developers are embracing. Up until 2020, geometric shapes were extremely popular, but modern web design is all about organic or fluid shapes. It might take the form of asymmetrical shapes modelled after a natural phenomenon, such as rivers, mountains, or raindrops.


Organic shapes lend personality to content without detracting from it. Additionally, it minimises usage, giving the website a more vintage appearance.


  1. Thumb-friendly Design


According to statistics, mobile devices account for 54.8% of all website traffic worldwide. Because of the revolutionary changes in mobile technology in recent years, everyone has had to develop mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-friendly, however, is insufficient.


Look closely at how you hold or use your phone. Your fingers are firmly grasping the device, and your thumb is handling every action. The website must be thumb-friendly in these circumstances. Your website’s menus, buttons, and icons are made to be simple for users to access with their thumbs.


  1. The speed of a website


The top web design trends will always include load speed when it comes to website design and development. According to research by PORTENT, about 70% of users said that page speed affects their willingness to buy from an online retailer.


According to one of the sources, by speeding up their page load time and improving FCP and TTI metrics, Yelp for business increases conversion rates by up to 15% while also providing a great user experience. Of course, people do not count seconds, but subconsciously, they evaluate your website.


  1. Typefaces


People don’t find formal-looking websites amusing; they prefer ones with a creative flair. Additionally, contemporary web designers are defying all typographic conventions by making it the focal point of their designs. It’s one of the most well-liked web design trends for 2023.


  1. Dark Mode


The idea of dark mode is not new. It was a standard feature on all desktop computers in the 1970s. Dark mode became dated as the white background and user interface gained prominence.


It has risen to the top of web design trends once more.The most popular social media sites and web browsers now support dark mode, which has its own distinctive aesthetic. Furthermore, it reduces eye strain, allowing users to focus better on web content.


  1. Effects of Frosted Glass


An increasingly common web design trend in a designer’s toolkit is the frosted glass effect, which is increasingly used as a background instead of gradients.


Recent advancements in web technology have made it simple to build websites that have frosted-glass effects. The blurry appearance of elements behind the frosted glass overlay not only gives an area colour but also makes text or objects visible over the image.


  1. 3D images


Screen resolution on computers and mobile devices is rising. The best optimization for it is 3D graphics. Websites with moving, three-dimensional elements attract more visitors and are visited longer. Users are drawn to your website out of curiosity because they experience something new every time they touch or click on the screen.


  1. AR


Any web designer or developer must implement new technologies to improve the user experience. It includes augmented reality (AR). A technology called “augmented reality” (AR) links digital images or content to the physical world. For instance, Snapchat’s stickers and filters or Google Arts & Culture

This technology can offer more benefits to e-commerce websites. It helps users make better decisions by giving them practical shopping experiences.


  1. VR


Another of the top web design trends for the future of the digital world is virtual reality. If not today, then tomorrow, but this revolution’s tide cannot be stopped. People enjoy visiting Paris while relaxing on their sofas. Why, then, do you think it would be a good idea to fulfil this user desire?


  1. Soft Colors


Colors with low saturation are known as muted colors.Bright party lights can occasionally sting users’ eyes. According to a study by Top Design Firms, 39% of users find some colours to be more attractive than others. If you can match the mood of the muted colours with the designs of your product packaging, you will dominate the internet.


  1. Small-Scale Interaction


Small animations called “micro-interactions” can easily make your experience more enjoyable. For instance, the colour of a link on your website might change when a user hovers their mouse over it to indicate that they can click on it. In order to convey their feelings on social media, users use stickers, GIFs, and animated emojis. The website can be made more entertaining by employing the same tactic. Microinteractions are minute animations, such as the opening of the delete button to accept deleted files.


  1. Inventive Videos


Video is a fantastic tool for conveying your message and enhancing user engagement on your website. However, the video does not appear on its own. It must be well thought out, meaningful, and executed.


HubSpot reports that 92% of marketers who employ video believe it to be an essential component of their marketing plan. Additionally, a clever video on the loading page might end up in your personal hoard. It can both convey your brand’s motto and keep people’s attention.


  1. Microanimations


People prefer moving elements or objects over static or lifeless ones, as can be seen. Microanimations can add depth to web design by giving page content a personality or something users can relate to on an emotional level.


It can also instruct users on how to use your websites.The newest web design trend to improve user experience is microanimations, which give customers a more dynamic view of their products.


  1. Minimalist Layout


According to a GoodFirm survey, 84.6% of web designers concur that crowded web design is bad practice. But even normally dense websites these days are dated. People prefer minimalist design instead. It gives your website a sophisticated appearance and improves users’ decision-making skills.

When there are fewer options available to users, they tend to act more quickly. Not only is minimalism popular in web design, but it’s also a clever psychological ploy.


  1. Chatbots


One of the most well-liked web design trends for 2023 is chatbots. People are currently trying to increase the interactivity and intelligence of their online chat and support processes. Web designers use chatbots that are highly intelligent and personalised to respond to your service request made via the website.


The next time you hear a friendly voice on a website, it’s probably a chatbot. Even though you might believe you are conversing with the real guy, you are not. The benefit of using chatbots is that they increase the responsiveness and interactivity of your website and, in comparison, return results more quickly.




To create one of the best website designs in 2023, you don’t necessarily have to take into account all of these trends—in fact, we doubt it’s even possible. However, even adding a few noticeable elements or subtler details can significantly enhance the user experience (UX) of your site, resulting in higher engagement, more CTA clicks, and a better outcome for your online business.


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